Moving Into Alignment: A Healing Circuit in the African Diaspora is an exhibition I curated in my final semester of coursework at UT Austin. This exhibition focuses on the everyday, moment-to-moment strategies and tools that are necessary in the healing process. This exhibition consists of stations designed around the seven chakras or energy centers of the body. The goal is to introduce the role of each of the energy centers as a way to connect with our bodies and heal the wounds caused by navigating violent social landscapes. The exhibition will generate conversations about imagining future possibilities for ourselves using our creativity as a tool. The stations will feature artifacts such as songs, poems, and paintings created by Black women of the diaspora as well as have interactive activities for participants to have an embodied experience. By pulling together these artifacts in one place, we re-member fragmented tools and pieces of our histories and memories into a space where they are valued for their healing properties. Holding them in the same place binds their energies in a networked constellation that guides us toward a well future.


O'Lola by roma|amor

Moving Into Alignment Guiding Placard

Please find a comfortable seat and share the next five minutes with me as I guide you through a short body scan meditation.

Press play when you are ready to begin.


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Tree Mural Art by Semente @artbysemente