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About Magia

About Magia


About Magia

About Magia

Magia is an energetic healer and artist that works with many modalities. She holds an M.S. in Information Studies and an M.A. in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin where she began re-covering a model of well, balanced living. As a Black woman navigating academic, professional and everyday spaces, she was determined to develop a plan for self-care. She began practicing yoga in 2015 as a way to connect with her whole self. Yoga opened her pathway of working with energy, which she continued expanding with her studies with Tonya Lyles of G’beda Acupuncture and Sound Medicine.

Magia offers movement and meditation classes based in Yoga and Qi Gong. She also offers consultation and treatment based in the five element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Treatments can include modalities including sound therapy, acupressure, Qi Gong, rebozo scarf therapy, gemstone therapy, cupping and reflexology. Classes and treatments are available for individuals and groups. Please contact me for information on rates and scheduling.


roma | amor


roma | amor


what does roma|amor mean?

R O M A are my inititials.

The most condensed identifier of my person.

When you shine roma into the mirror, amor,

love reflects back at you.

My work is to reflect love using my light.

roma|amor spreads love and light through various creative expressions.

Through exchanging energies with the worlds around me, I channel the knowledges I have re-membered using my body as a medium.

Please contact me  for inquiries about custom art pieces.

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Afro-Mermicorn Moon Salutation Collection

Afro-Mermicorn Moon Salutation Collection

Afro-Mermicorn Moon Salutation Collection

Afro-Mermicorn Moon Salutation Collection

Afro-Mermicorn Moon Salutation Shirts

This collection is inspired by my life's experience.This Afro-mermicorn is practicing their moon salutation,  they reach back and down to grab their tail opening their chest for insight from the moon as they swim up and down from the depths of the ocean. Each shirt is hand-screen printed and painted by me. This makes each shirt one of a kind! You get to experience the love and light from the moment it reaches you.

Available T-shirt Sizes:    $25 YS-YL     $30 Adult S-XXL

Please E-mail me with order inquiries.


May Meditations

May Meditations

May Meditations

May Meditations

May Meditations is my way of brining attention and practice to mental health in honor of mental health awareness month. This practice is meant to serve as a check in with yourself, to see where you are, how you are doing and where you may need some more support. Over the course of this month we will work through the seven chakras or energy centers that run up and down the length of the spine. We will spend 4-5 days working through each of the chakras so that by the end of the month we have done some energy and healing work on them all. Each section will begin with the affirmation of the particular chakra, followed by a few days of affirmations that help do work in that space. May this journey bring you healing, love, light and little bit closer to yourself, your home. 

May 1

Affirmation:  "I am here"

May 2

Affirmation: "I let go"

May 3

Affirmation: "I Surrender"

May 4

Affirmation: "I am disciplined"

May 5

affirmation: "I feel"

May 6

Affirmation: "I move"

May 7

Affirmation: "I adjust"

May 8

affirmation: "I Forgive"

May 9

Affirmation: "I Do"

May 10

Affirmation "I commit"

May 11

Affirmation: "I balance"

May 12

affirmation: "I adapt"

may 13

affirmation: "I create"

May 14

Affirmation: "I love"

May 15

Affirmation: "i glow"

may 16

affirmation: "i reflect"

may 17

affirmation: "i flow'

May 18

affirmation: "i simplify"

May 19

affirmation: "i speak"

May 20

Affirmation: "I listen"

May 21

Affirmation: "I learn"

may 22

affirmation: "i laugh"

may 23

affirmation: "I See"

may 24

affirmation: "I trust"

may 25

Affirmation: "I am grateful"

may 26

affirmation: "I manifest"

may 27

affirmation "I understand"

May 28

Affirmation: "i grow"

may 29

affirmation: "i rise"

may 30

affirmation:"I radiate"

may 31

affirmation: " i celebrate"


Contact Me


Contact Me



to order t-shirts or custom art ,book workshops and Treatment consultations, or for other inquiries, please e-mail romagiamor [at] or fill out the form Below.


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